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Wenger hopes to continue to lead

Le 24 March 2017, 04:26 dans Humeurs 0

Wenger hopes to continue to lead Arsenal forward, so his renewal is only a matter of time. In an interview, Wenger also said that his future does not depend on the Champions League places, "This is not necessarily linked with the first four nike free 3.0 v6 sale, I have 20 consecutive years into the top four, I will put the field of vision, The results of the match will not affect my future. Borgba in Manchester United home against Rostov's European Cup game hamstring injury, which not only let Borgba missed the league against Middlesbrough, but also made him missed the French national team game. And in the blog made by Borgba, but can not see his body even a little bit of discomfort nike stefan janoski sale. Borgbaba in the video crazy twist, and his brothers together with the imitation of the dance in the TV, and every action is seamless, without any injuries like illness. Kurt Tuva in an interview with Searle radio denied that next season will join Real Madrid, Belgian door gods said he and Chelsea have a two-year contract nike free 6.0 sale, he is all good in London nike free run 2 sale. Real Madrid intends to replace the goalkeeper next season, Kurutu is their first choice, when asked whether the next season will play for Real Madrid, Ku Wa said: "I do not think they will go to Real Madrid, I will continue to play in Chelsea, I think I'm a key player in the team.

3-1 victory over Arsenal

Le 24 March 2017, 04:26 dans Humeurs 0

3-1 victory over Arsenal, West Brom points 43 points nike blazers womens, has exceeded 40 points mark, which, the Welsh said: "attached to let me take 40 points, I will be satisfied. Let us see what happens next season nike dunk sky hi sale, If we can introduce some players nike free 4.0 v2 sale, people must realize that we have only 16 adult players, there are two children on the bench, most of the season is the case.We rented Mark - Wilson, there are 17 adults, so They have done a very good job. Last month led Leicester won the Premiership champions Ranieri was dismissed; five days ago Kalan Ka from Middlesbrough get out of class, became the Premier League sixth get out of class coach. Manchester United legend, now the sky sports ball commentary Gary Neville could not help, and he sow in the podcast for those who have been abandoned by the Premier League coach called, and even made recommendations, should prohibit the Premier League team in the middle of the season change / Fried handsome. I and Chelsea have two years of contract, I am all in London are good, I am very happy. From the first year I came here I have heard too many such rumors, I am very calm. In Chelsea we are trying to win the Premiership and FA Cup buy nike free run, I am very satisfied. According to the media had previously reported that Coulthwa is more inclined to renew with Chelsea, the Blues interested in the Belgian door god to pay 20 million pounds of salary, if the two sides reach an agreement, Kurt Tuva will become a football salary The highest goalkeeper.

Despite being selected for the French squad

Le 24 March 2017, 04:26 dans Humeurs 0

Despite being selected for the French squad, but Borgba because of injury out of the national team, by the Monaco midfielder Bajaokeo replaced. Earlier news that Berger will be injured three weeks time, which also makes Manchester United midfield stretched, another midfielder Herrera is also facing two domestic competition ban. Borg Barby this season to record the value from Juventus to join Manchester United, but he did not come up with the corresponding performance to prove their worth, not only in the field of performance did not meet the level of Juventus, on the sidelines is also troublesome, after There is news that Borgba in a restaurant with the fans of physical conflict, and he also had to play in the car to drink yogurt bad behavior nike free 3.0 v3 sale. In the Czech "Golden Generation" romantic, this year's awards have been only Hertha Berlin midfielder Darrida nike free run sale, Henan Jianye midfielder Docchi and Cech fight. And even the "golden generation" there are Yu Yong Jia Jia, Cech has demonstrated the dominance of this award nike free run 3 sale, since he was first recognized in 2005, only 2006 Rosicky, 2007 Yankulovsky and 2014 Lafarge (Prague Sparta striker) can interrupt his even Zhuang nike free 4.0 v2 sale, Rao is so, Cech or completed the exaggeration of the six village. If there is no accident, Cech can make his own trophy double.

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